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Why Can't You Wear Cotton In The Pool?

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Can swim trunks be cotton? No, it can't be made entirely of cotton, but it may be made from a blend. Polyester and spandex are common material combinations for swim trunks. Cotton or nylon mixes are used in several trunks.

Because cotton is commonly used and is a typical absorbent material, it may become rather heavy as it absorbs pool water, weighting down swimmers and making swimming more difficult.

Cotton and other textiles can trap detergents, germs, and bacteria, which can then be released into the water, requiring the pool to be disinfected more frequently. This may make swimmers nauseous and potentially change the chemical and purity of the water.

You've probably seen pool lifeguards continually turning away swimmers who aren't wearing adequate swimmer in specific pools. They are doing it for the pool's benefit, and it's their ultimate objective to keep their clients safe and the water clean and clear.

So, to conclude, wearing a swimsuit reduces the danger of waterborne sickness and toxins polluting the pool.


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