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How Many Swim Trunk Should I Own?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, especially among women, who are unsure how many pairs of swimsuits they require.

You should have one or two nice swimsuits, just like you'd have nice shoes or a lovely outfit which you wear on rare occasions. Does this, however, work for a swimsuit? Yes and no, I can tell you.

Having different items in your swimsuit collection is a fantastic idea. Swimwear has a propensity to fade fast due to chemicals in pool water or rubbing against sand at the beach, you also want to be able to wear a range of designs.

Let's start with why you should just possess one suit piece. First and first, if you are not a frequent swimmer or just use it when going to the waterpark with friends, you may want to get only one item to avoid wasting money. They dry so quickly that you'll be able to utilize it in the next 8 hours.

Meanwhile, I recommend that individuals who swim frequently or who are athletes have at least 2-3 pairs of swimsuits. This will save you time if your swimsuit tears or loses its color, or if you are bitten by a shark, you can change to another suit.


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