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How Did My Swimwear Suddenly Lose Its Elasticity?

When we mention a swimsuit has lost its elasticity, we are referring to the fact that it's out of shape and has lost its original pattern. Swimwear can last anywhere from 5 months to a year, or even longer in some cases. Swimsuit may lose its flexibility for a variety of reasons:

  • Time/Usage: No matter what comes to keep your swimsuits in shape, they're going to have to retire at some point.

  • Materials Used: If a swimsuit loses elasticity frequently, it might indicate that the textiles used are of poor degradation or that it was planned to last just a short time.

  • Washing Machine: Your swimsuit may loosen with time due to the impact of the detergents used.

  • Dryer: The warmth inside the dryer may damage all of the materials' elasticity, causing them to shrink.

  • Ironing: As most swimsuit are made of nylon, ironing them may destroy their elasticity and cause them to lose natural form, as well as burn them.

  • Scrubbing Too Hard During Washing: Scrubbing your bathing suits too vigorously might sometimes result in them losing their form.

  • Squeezing: Another thing that will certainly destroy the flexibility of your suits is squeezing.

  • Hanging: Hanging your swimsuit on a hook or a rope is another method for them to lose their flexibility. The textiles may stretch out as a result of this.

So, is there a method to retain the elasticity in your swimwear? Yes, but you must use caution when caring for them. Here are some suggestions for reducing the chance of it losing its elasticity:

  • Avoid Washing It In Hot Water: Washing it in hot water wakens the Lycra material, which will always harm them in the long term. It is preferable to soak them in cold water.

  • Avoid Sun-drying Them: As swimsuits are constructed of sensitive materials, it's preferable to air dry them.

As a result, you can apply this approach straight after swimming.


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