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Can I Wear Underwear Under Swimming Trunks?

Often time, most people believe that wearing underwear beneath swim trunks isn't a big deal, and that it's not really a problem. Most folks aren't concerned about it. Many individuals may be curious as to why no underwear should be worn beneath swimwear. Isn't it overly exposed and unpleasant without a layer of protection?

Under your swimwear, you should never have to have any underwear. If you're wearing swim trunks, swim shorts, or swim briefs, you shouldn't wear underwear with them.

Normal underwear absorbs a lot of water as well, increasing drag and making swimming very challenging. In the water, you will be slower and heavier, and your underwear will take considerably longer to dry.

Is there ever a reason why i should wear underwear under my swimsuit? Yes, in certain cases. If your swim shorts don't have a lining, for example, it's probably advisable to wear boxers or briefs rather than going commando in most cases.


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