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Are Board Shorts The Same As Swim Trunks?

The most important distinction between board shorts and swim trunks is that board shorts are longer (up to the knee or lower, depending on style and taste) whereas trunks are shorter. Swim trunks are frequently made expressly for usage in the water and have a mesh insert for further support.

While board shorts can be used for both swimming and informal purposes. They're around knee-length and constructed of a quick-drying fabric like sturdy, silky polyester or nylon. Board shorts, often known as surf trunks or jams, are a popular option among surfers because of their durability and extended length.

So, when it is better to wear board shorts? Although the choice between board shorts and swim trunks is sometimes a question of personal opinion or style, there are times when board shorts are the superior alternative.

  1. Surfing: Board shorts are the finest alternative for taking your board ride because they were made exclusively for surfers.

  2. Wakeboarding: Board shorts are recommended for this sport not just because of the extra length, but also because they are less prone to ride up the legs during high-speed maneuvers.

  3. Beach going: When travelling to the beach, they serve the same purpose as swim trunks, but they provide additional protection from the sun's damaging rays.


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